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Smart Shopping Festival – TBC’s gift to Smart Club members!

Monday, December 19
Specially for Smart Club members! Smart Club offers you to go and start shopping between 17 and 31 December in TBC Bank’s partner shops and receive exclusive sales from 5 to 20%.

This will give Smart Club members a unique chance to buy gifts in tens popular shops without cash and with a very low price. If the points gathered on your smart card are not enough the owner can add cash and you can buy the desired product or gift. The Smart Shopping Festival will be held in the following shops:

Goodwill - 15% sale on New Year accessories (December 17-25)
Mexx, Benetton - additional 20% sale (December 17-31)
Super - 7% sale (December 19-20)
Accessories -10% additional sale ( December 17-31)
Swatch, Arttime - 10% sale at the Square of Heroes (December 17-25)
Roniko - 5% sale (December 17-25)
Cristal - 15% sale (December 17-25)
Magellan – 15% sale (December 17-31)
The North Face – 15% sale (December 17-31)
Bowling Central – 15% sale (December 17-31)