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Wednesday, December 21
Public Defender’s 10 Recommendations to MIA for holding Cells

The Georgian Public Defender gave 10 recommendations to the Ministry of Internal Affairs regarding the situation in temporary detention isolators.

The recommendations are listed in a special report from the Public Defender: to make amendments to order No. 108, to reflect all the rights of prisoners and detainees; to provide the right of prisoners/ detainees to have a daily walk in the fresh air, at a specially allocated place; to provide a four square meter area for multiple detainees, and for the area of the cell for one individual to be at least seven square meters; to provide all detainees with individual beds; to provide fresh sheets to each prisoner/detainee that will be changed on a regular basis in case of detention on an administrative order; to give prisoners the right to shower on a regular basis; to install central heating in temporary detention isolators, provide proper lighting and ventilation, including natural gas in the cells; to wash out cells where it’s impossible to create proper conditions; to isolate toilets in all temporary detention isolators; to provide a meal three-times-a-day to all individuals in the temporary placement isolators. (Interpressnews)

Briefing at the President`s Administration

The president`s press speaker Manana Manjgaladze spoke about the implementation of the hospital development program of the government, as part of which 150 new modern hospitals will be opened in various regions of Georgia. Manjgaladze said new hospitals would be opened in Chiatura, Tskaltubo, Tsageri, Bakuriani and Adjara by the end of January.

`The government`s main goal is to provide affordability and high quality medical service in these clinics and on these goals the work of the president and the government will be focused,` Manjgaladze said.

The president`s press speaker also voiced the position of the president regarding the consultations around the amendments to the electoral code of Georgia, which are underway in the parliament. The president welcomes the fact that the opposition, the ruling party and the non-parliamentary opposition are involved in the dialogue.

`It is important that both sides consider the recommendations given by the Venice Commission regarding the amendments to the electoral code. The president believes that dialogue is the means by which all sides reach agreements, which will strengthen the conditions for the conduct of democratic and free parliamentary elections,` Manjgaladze said. (Rustavi 2)

Japan allocates 7,3 mln GEL grant to Georgia

The government of Japan will allocate 7,3 million GEL for the development of the agriculture sector in Georgia. The grant will be spent on the purchase of modern agricultural machinery and equipment intended for Georgian farmers.

Japan has been implementing a grant program in Georgia since 1997 giving up to 50 million GEL grant since then. (Rustavi 2)

Democratic Movement Responds to Research on Democracy Index Published by Economist

The Democratic Movement – United Georgia party released a statement regarding the research from the Economist on the world democracy index.

The party stated that the research is confirmation of the real situation in Georgia.

The statement reads that according to the research, Georgia is in 102nd place from 167 countries for quality of democracy. “Despite non-stop attempts from government channels to show Georgia as a country with exemplary democracy for the West, the terror and repressions of the government against people is reflected in its international image. In May of this year, the government increased the number of political prisoners tenfold”, the statement reads.

The Democratic Movement considers that naming Georgia among the ”hybrid regime” countries, that is countries with authoritarian elements, is a result of the Georgian government ignoring democratic principles.

The party hopes that like the Economist, other influential publications, human rights organizations and representatives of the Georgian diplomatic corps will give their name to the situation in Georgia. (Interpressnews)

Eduard Kokoity May Announce His Candidacy for 25 March Elections

Former leader of so-called South Ossetia Eduard Kokoity may announce his candidacy for the 25 May elections. As the agency “Regnum” reports, Alla Jioeva’s HQ member Rodion Sikaev made a statement about this during a press conference in Moscow.

The chair of Moscow’s Ossetians’ union Valeri Kabolov states that according to South Ossetian legislation, an individual has the right to run for the presidency for a third term.

“In fact, after Kokoity’s presidential term expired, the republic was headed by Vadim Brovtsev. The acting president is not an elected president. At least, the law doesn’t say anything about it. The decision about registration will not be less exotic than the decision of the Supreme Court about abolishing elections”, Kabolov said. (Interpressnews)