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While making a choice in elections, do you pay more attention to the political leader or the political team?

Wednesday, December 21
“I think I pay attention to both of them. If I like a leader of the political party accordingly I should also like his/her team as it will contain like minded people to the leader. So, when I make a choice I consider both.”
Neli, teacher, 42

“I think the main factor is the leader. The leader is the face of a political team or party and accordingly if you like his/her political way and opinion you choose him/her. However I think it is a wrong approach and the major factor to take into account is the political team as those people will rule, and not just one person, your country in future.”
Levan, basketball player, 23

“I always pay attention to leaders even in parliamentary elections. I like Saakashvili and not so much his team members but still I vote for National Movement.”
Meri, salesperson, 51

“A synthesis is very important to my mind. A good political leader with a bad team is similar to a bad team with good political leader.”
Revaz, Bank Employee, 21

“Neither. The platform and the ideology of the party are most important for me.”
Irakli , Journalist , 27

“The political leader is more important for me and while making my decision I pay it more attention.”
Mariam, Cashier, 24

“I think that both of them are very important, however, the political leader is the more important of the two.”
Nana , Student , 20