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How often do you go to libraries and are you satisfied with the service Tbilisi libraries offer? Is there a need for electronic library in Georgia?

Thursday, December 22
“I often used to go to libraries when I was a student, because I enjoy reading books very much, so I find the new idea quite interesting.”
Sandro, Historian, 22

“I go to the libraries rarely, but I think, there is a necessity of making electronic one because it would be more comfortable than ‘traditional’ ones.”
Iako, Reporter, 20

“In the era of computers when people spend so much time surfing internet online library would make it possible to familiarize with modern authors, get more information about the world literature and be aware of the global trends.”
Anna, Writer, 27

"It would be nice if there is an electronic library , so I will not be forced to read books in the library and just will read them at home .”
Levan , Student , 20

“I do not have time to go to the libraries , however I can’t read books online as well. Electronic library would be nice, as in case of urgent necessity one will be able to use it.”
Anna , Journalist, 35

“I don’t go to the library. However I frequently visit Wikipedia and I am sorry that Georgian version of the site is too little, I would like Georgian specialists in this field to work on the issue.”
Lasha , Musician , 29