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Future of Georgian politics depends on Saakashvili

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, December 29
From 2012 Georgia will be entering a new election cycle. The future political scenario very much depends on the choices of President Saakashvili. He currently holds huge political power. It is known that after his second term of presidency expires at the beginning of 2013 he cannot be President for a third time, however his plans for the future remain unknown. He appears to be too young and too ambitious to leave politics.

There is currently a state of uncertainty in Georgian politics. After amendments to the constitution were made in 2010 it became clear that many powers have been delegated from President to PM. So it is a realistic assumption that Saakashvili plans to become PM after his presidential term expires.

The new amendments to the constitution are construed differently by the different political sides within the country. The ruling administration calls them more democratic, whereas the opposition labels them “putinisation”. Putin in fact did not amend Russia’s constitution, but instead found a reliable man to act as “interim president”. Saakashvili however did adjust his country’s constitution for his own ends.

There are understandably some controversies surrounding the issue, and in some of his interviews President Saakashvili has even denied the possibility of him becoming PM. Despite this it is difficult to imagine that he will relinquish power that easily. There is another option as well, that instead of becoming PM he might become Chairman of Parliament. Some sources say that this is the most realistic option.

To become Chairman of Parliament one has to be a member of parliament so the parliamentary elections will show what Saakashvili’s exact intentions are and how he plans to realize them. For the foreseeable future Georgian politics remains full of surprises and in the meantime political spectators are anticipating what 2012 will bring.