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Public Registry Chairman sums up 2011

By Ernest Petrosyan
Thursday, December 29
Chairman of the Public Registry Agency of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia Soso Tsikarishvili has summarized the results of 2011. According to him the past year was very important in terms of the installation of new technologies which significantly reduce the amount of time required for the registration of real estate and related procedural issues. As Tsikarishvili said, the satisfaction of the public illustrates the progress that has been made. As a result of the implemented reforms in real estate registration, according to the World Bank and International Finance Corporation’s research, Georgia is the top country out of 181 in terms of real estate registration.

“We are going to continue the reforms next year on top of which simplified procedures will be offered to our customers in 2012.”

According to the Agency the most successful project of 2011 was getting Georgia on to Google Maps, which was the last remaining blank spot in the South Caucasus on the website.

Tsikarishvili noted that there is no longer a blank space in place of Georgia on Google Maps, which means that people can now get the information they need. Specifically information about certain regions, streets, roads and railways are now available on Google Maps.

Another interesting project launched by the Agency is the permanent information network “Geo-CORS” which is important for the country’s economic development, civil constructions and geodesic modernization. CORS is a high-tech satellite which enables the most precise cadastre measures, navigation, seismic research, agriculture and business development.

In 2011 the Agency started its “addressing” project which envisages development of the addressing system in Georgia, and accordingly improvement of a united database.

An archive building has also been built to keep all documents in secure condition. The building keeps all documents concerning business and real estate registration. The building also keeps documents of the civil registry, notary chamber, and national archive documents. The Agency won a prize at the GITI 2011 conference for having the best IT system for complex development.