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Thursday, December 29
Press distribution agencies’ call to boycott auction

Another auction within the framework of Tbilisi City Hall project “1000 booths” is to be held today. Most of the lots at the auction are for places where press distribution booths used to stand. Press distribution agencies “Matsne”, “Elva Service” and “Planeta Forte” are calling on project participants to not bid on the lots where press distribution booths used to be located, Rezonansi reports.

“The press distribution companies are sharing the proposals of participants and winners of the Tbilisi City Hall auctions being held within the frames of assisting small and medium businesses (statement of company “Poultry Georgia” confirmed in paper “Kviris Palitra” on 19 December, 2011). Many booths of “Matsne”, “Planeta Forte” and “Elva Service” have been removed from the capital, which has raised serious problems for the press distribution companies. Most of the lots that have been put up for the 80th auction on 28 December are where “Matsne”, “Planeta Forte” and “Elvaservice” kiosks used to stand. We ask those who want to take part in the project to express solidarity and not take part in bidding for those lots that were unfairly taken away from the press distribution agencies,” the statement reads.

New school to be constructed in Sagarejo

Construction of a new school will soon begin in the village of Shibliani, Sagarejo Municipality. Minister of Education Dimitri Shashkini and representatives of the local municipality gathered to survey the construction site, 24 Hours reports.

Schoolchildren in the village have been studying in the damaged building of an outdated administrative institution for the past few years.

The new school will be built in compliance with modern construction standards and the schoolchildren will have the opportunity to study in a brand new educational institution.

The school will have its own heating and electricity systems and will be connected to the internet, supplied with new desks, boards and computers. A sports pitch will also be constructed in the schoolyard which will enable the schoolchildren to take different sports classes. The new building will also be provided with natural science labs and up-to-date IT equipment.

Upgrading school infrastructure is one of the priorities of the Ministry. A number of schools will be constructed and renovated in the coming years.