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How do you prepare for the New Year and where do you intend to meet 2012?

Thursday, December 29
"I am looking forward to meet New Year, this is my favorite day of the year when my family members gather and meet it with the glasses of champagne. This is amazing. last year I attended the concert on Freedom Square but now I am not going there this year because it was too cold outside."
Sopho, student, 19

Usually my mum takes care of all the preparations for New Year, I just bought some presents and that's it. As always I plan to meet New Year in my hometown with my family members.
Tako, Language Specialist, 23

I start my New Year preparations with lots of shopping. Without exceptions I will meet it at home with my family but later I plan to go to New Year event at club.
Keti, Lawyer, 41

I usually meet New Year at home with my family. But this year my sister got married and my parents and I would go to their place. Thus I would have to prepare psychologically so well that I could lead the traditional Georgian supra and sing Georgian songs.
Tornike, Economist, 35

"I am going to celebrate it in Bakuriani with friends. We have a tradition to meet New Year and Christmas there. There will be lots of joy, skiing, snow and New Year feast."
Gaga, IT Manager, 30

This year would be the most special for me because Im a dragon with my horoscope thus I would try hard to achieve success in my professional life. Combining studies with work appeared to be quite hard but I hope 2012 would be the year of achieved goals for each of us. I would have just a couple of free days and I would see the New Year in a quiet and calm atmosphere with my family out of the capital.
Elene, Reporter, 23

Well, for New Year I prepare traditionally.. buying gifts for family members and friends, decorating New Year's tree etc. First I meet with family and then with friends...
Natia , Import Department, 31

To say the truth, I am not preparing for New Year , just I am going to meet it at home.
Ani , Teacher , 28

"Usually whole family gathers together and we celebrate it. My son lives abroad and he and his family visits us every New Year and we meet it together. So, I feel always happy to meet them and celebrate New Year. We will have traditional Supra and friends will visit us. I wish everyone to be happy on that occasion."
David, historian, 58