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Friday, December 30
Is Ivanishvili going to establish a new TV channel?

Rezonansi writes that Georgian tycoon turned politician Bidzina Ivanishvili is planning to establish a new TV channel. The first stage of his plan is to establish an online channel and after that a regular TV channel. Information has been released that television equipment has already been purchased but has not yet arrived in Tbilisi. The information has not been confirmed by Ivanishvili’s press centre.

As Nona Kandiashvili, a spokesperson of Ivanishvili, said, talk of the establishment of a new TV channel is just rumour and is far from the truth. However sources state that staff castings for the channel have already begun and negotiations are being held with lesser known journalists. In addition, according to other information, Ivanishvili’s representatives have begun negotiations with the regional “Channel 25” however this information has also been denied by Merab Merkviladze, Director of the television channel. To the question “What if Ivanishvili proposed such an offer?” Merkviladze said that he would not rule anything out.

“I have heard the information too, but no offer has yet been made by Ivanishvili,” Merkviladze said.

A short while ago there was also a rumour that Ivanishvili was planning to buy Shida Kartli region television channel “Trialeti”, however both sides strongly denied it.

Contest winners awarded

First Deputy Education Minister Koka Sepherteladze awarded the winners of the contest “The goal of my life”, 24 Hours reports. The contest was organized in two rounds for two age groups and up to 100,000 schoolchildren participated. Three winners were revealed in each category and were presented with prizes and certificates of their achievement, a special prize - a portable computer, was awarded to 11th grader Andria Ilin.

The contest was organized as a part of supporting the Gifted and Talented Youth Programme and was aimed at supporting schoolchildren in setting goals and achieving results.

To boost the motivation of schoolchildren in the country, the Ministry is administering different competitions which students are taking a great interest in.