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Who do you want to be your “mekvle” (somebody who visits you first in the New Year)

Friday, December 30
“I do not believe in Mekvle , to my mind it is just a prejudice and not is related with luck .”
Vasiko , Pupil , 15

“I don’t like such sentimental things but we have a tradition: each year we invite the person born under the horoscope of the upcoming year. So this time I think I will have to be the mekvle this year, as a dragon and bring all the best to my family for 2012.”
Giorgi, Writer, 23

“Well to be fair I would like Bidzina Ivanishvili to be my mekvle and bring me i-phone 4 and a lot of money for presents.”
Tato, PR Manager, 21

“My best friend is always the special mekvle in my family for already years and she always brings best mood to my family.”
Lile, Journalist, 22

“Well mekvle should be a person with kind heart and special attitude towards the family, so it’s hard for me to name one particular person, but this year my husband will be - whether I want this or not. At New Year's night he is on duty at his hospital - somebody should care about patients. So when he’ll be back in the morning he will bring us joy.”
Vika, Interpreter, 32

“I do not believe in this tradition , I would be happy if all people I love to visit me in new year days .”
Natia, Language Specialist , 23

“I want my Mekvle to be a dog , dog’s fate is different …”
Levan , Student , 21