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Success of innovative Houses of Justice

By Salome Modebadze
Thursday, January 5
Deputy Minister of Justice Giorgi Vashadze summarized the results of his Ministry in 2011. Talking of the variety of innovations the Ministry had offered the citizens of Georgia in the previous year, Vashadze paid special attention to the introduction of the Houses of Justice calling them “a Georgian product.” Talking of the uniqueness of the Houses of Justice which have no analogue in the world the Deputy Minister said this project has broken through the frames of one particular ministry and become “the symbol of Georgian re-building”.

“When visiting Georgian sights, visitors to the country, including international delegations, government members, presidents, public representatives and tourists, show great interest in and visit the Houses of Justice as well which proves that this project is one of the most successful in Georgia,” Vashadze stated.

It was in May 2011 when the first House of Justice was opened in Batumi. Stressing that the Georgian Ministry of Justice would be “the best in the whole world” President Mikheil Saakashvili was proud that several developed countries have expressed a desire to learn from Georgia’s reforms. The President even referred to the term “Georgian know-how.”

Having been named the best new brand of 2011, the House of Justice offers a wide range of services to its users in Batumi, Rustavi, Kutaisi and Mestia unifying the services of various government bodies. According to the information released by the Ministry, the Houses of Justice served around 1.5 million people from more than 60 countries and organizations during the six months since their opening.

Deputy Minister Vashadze proudly remarked on the speedy, 5-minute procedures calling them a “fantastic result” both for the private sector and the state and promised to open new Houses of Justice in every large town in the country. There will be new Houses of Justice in more than ten towns in the next year out of which the House of Justice in the capital Tbilisi will be the largest.