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Thursday, January 5
Most newsworthy events of 2011

Rezonansi asked several public figures to assess the last year and name the most significant political and non political events that occurred in 2011.

Architect Lado Vardosanidze said that the Arab Spring was the most important event of 2011 on a global level. In terms of Georgia though, Vardosanidze considers Ivanishvili’s political appearance to have been the most important event.

“We are so politicized that I can hardly think of one non political event to name, however according to my profession, I would name the large scale construction works in the country including the reconstruction of Aghmashenebeli Avenue,” Vardonsanidze said.

Historian Gia Anchbadze stated that he considers one of the most important events to be Ivanishvili’s coming to politics, and for non political events, he could not think of one.

Rector of the Art Academy Gia Bughadze said that the most important political event was the protest rallies in Russia as he could never have imagined that Russians were able to express their political discontent in such a way. As for Georgian events, Bughadze like others named Ivanishvili’s arrival as the most major political event of 2011.

Joint statement of press distribution agencies

Press distribution agencies “Matsne”, “Planeta Forte” and “Elva Service” published a statement in which they called on people interested in participating in auctions within the framework of the project “1000 booths” not to take part in the lots for places where press booths used to located, Kviris Palitra reports.

“We thank the companies and individuals who considered our request and expressed their solidarity with us by not participating in the 80th auction on 28 December for the spots where press distribution booths stood, namely “Kumisi”, “Koda” and others. It enabled us to preserve some of our old places, though there were people who didn’t consider our request and still participated in the auctions as individuals (we’ll refrain from naming them at this stage).

We are informing you that the next auctions, the 81st and 82nd, will be held on 4-5 January, 2012. Mainly locations of “Matsne” JSC, “Planeta Forte” Ltd and “Elva service” Ltd are the ones being put up for auction.

We ask those who want to take part in the project to stand by us and not take part in the auctions for the previous places of press distribution booths,” the statement reads.