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Have you ever visited House of Justice? Are you satisfied with the service they offer?

Thursday, January 5
“No I have never visited the House of Justice.”
Lili, Journalist, 24

“I have heard amazing services of the House of Justice and hope this information is true. But it is not enough to offer only simplified services to people – the prices should also be relevant to the financial situation of Georgians.”
Lali, Lawyer, 27

“Fortunately I have everything fine with my documents but my grandmother had some problems with her old ID and she had to change it with the new electronic card. Although it unites a lot of services it costs GEL 35 – which many citizens can’t unfortunately afford…”
Nino, MA Student, 23

“Not, I've never been there but I should go soon for my ID card. Hope to be satisfied.”
Sophie , Journalist , 23

“I have never had any contact with the House of Justice .”
Revaz , Bank Employee, 21

“I have visited it in my home town and the service was normal .”
Nino , Language Specialist , 23