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Friday, January 6
Portable computers for 5,000 police officers

Five thousand police officers will be handed over portable computers. New police pads were produced in Georgia by the Algorithm Company. Minister of Interior Vano Merabishvili observe the process of police pad production in the factory personally.

`I have an honor to inform Georgian society and the officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, that in a few days five thousand police officers will be equipped with such field computers, which will allow the citizens and the police officers to provide services offered by the ministry to our citizens more comfortably,` Minister said adding Georgian police would soon become the most developed and modernized police in the world. (Rustavi 2)

Adjara Finance Minister delivers annual report

Ministry of Finance and Economics of Adjara has summed up its work in 2011. According to the annual report, 149 million dollar investment was made in the region last year, 65 million of which was invested in the development of tourism and 47 million - for the development of industrial sector. The government has issued construction licenses on 300,000 square meters.

Minister Vazha Bolkvadze said 98 objects were sold by auction mobilizing 20 million GEL to the regional budget. He also said the budget of the Adjara Autonomous Republic was increased with 380% since 2004.

Vazha Bolkvadze also spoke about the employment program of the government. He said according to the average data, over 10,000 jobs were created in t he region in 2011. (Rustavi 2)

Charitable Foundation presents homeless family

One more homeless family having eight children has been presented with an apartment by the charitable foundation Iavnana, founded by famous Georgian opera singer Paata Burchuladze. The concert held in Tbilisi on Wednesday night was dedicated to the 70th jubilee of the Patriarch of All Georgia, Ilia II. The money benefitted from the concert will be spent on the purchase of an apartment for the Diasamidze family, who were homeless for the past 15 years. This is the 66th family presented with an apartment by the Charitable Foundation.

His Holiness, Georgia`s First Lady and other invited guests were attending the concert. (Rustavi 2)

Chief doctor of Batumi Emergency arrested

The Chief Doctor of the Batumi Emergency has been arrested, though no reasons of the detention have been reported so far by the police. Neither have the staff of the emergency service commented on possible version of the crime he might have committed.

Rumors say the Chamber of Control was monitoring financial documents in the Batumi Emergency Service and they might have discovered some violations that would become the reason of detention.

Nika Tevzadze has been managing the Batumi Emergency for the past ten years. (Rustavi 2)

Labour Party protesting appointment of Natia Mogeladze as head of Monitoring Service

The Labour Party is protesting against appointment of Natia Mogeladze as a head of Monitoring Service . Soso Shatberashvili, one of the leaders of the Labour Party, said at a press conference yesterday.

"The formal multi-party system has finally ended in Georgia. From now on, all parties, except for the ruling National Movement and its satellite parties, shall be subjected to the supervision of a prosecutor, appointed by dictator Saakashvili, and political activities are actually being declared a crime," said Shatberashvili.

The Labour Party calls upon the world and all democratic parties to express their protest with a loud voice against the ‘shame of the century’.

Natia Mogeladze will head political parties’ financial activity monitoring service in the Control Chamber. Head of the monitoring service was presented by the Chairperson of the Control Chamber, Levan Bezhashvili, yesterday. Mogeladze is a lawyer and she had been working as a prosecutor in the Chief Prosecutor’s Office. (Interpressnews)

Heavy snowfall hits mountainous Adjara Region

Heavy snowfall has hit the mountainous region of the Region of Adjara in western Georgia. The snow depth has exceeded 50 cm in result of 2-day unceasing snowfall in Khulo district of the region.

The bad weather conditions have not caused serious problems for locals. Electricity supplies are being provided for all the villages.

The transport movement has not been restricted either. Special machinery has been cleaning the roads in the region all day long. (Rustavi 2)