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How often do you participate in charity actions?

Friday, January 6
“Unfortunately I have no financial condition enough to help other poor people with money, but there were certain cases when I transferred money through the mobile service in the funds of constructing churches, and Iavnana as well who helps vulnerable families.”
Nani, housewife, 46

“I have participated in several charity actions at the university. After 2008 war we, students gathered clothes, food and other necessary items. Other charity event which we have organized was in children’s shelter, when groups of students handed New Year presents to one of the shelter of Tbilisi.”
Sopho, student, 22

“Sometimes I help beggars and I think this is only thing I do as charity action. Your question made me think about it, I will try to get involved in such actions more actively.”
Giga, IT Specialist, 30

“I use to participate at televised charity actions because I’m really sorry for the people suffering from poverty and hunger with their small children. I think the government should do something about this issue and establish houses for people in great need.”
Salome, Translator, 27

I am engaged in such actions pretty often, because I'm a musical band member. And we often play during charity events.”
Revaz, Bank Employee , 21

“Unfortunately , I do it quite seldom.”
Ani , Teacher , 23

“Every time, when I have such opportunity , I do it , it is my favourite action.”
Nino , Language Specialist, 23

“I definitely participate in charity actions, and I wish I had enough money to help each and every person in need in my country.”
Ia, Musician, 23