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Monday, January 9
Shashkin leaving thousands of children without right to education

Opposition MP Jondi Baghaturia claims that his every statement is backed up by documents and that he does not say anything based on incorrect information or mere supposition. Baghaturia has said that he has a document which proves that the Minister of Education Dimitri Shashkin and Minister of Agriculture Zaza Gorozia are involved in elite corruption, Akhali Taoba reports.

“They are leaving children without the right to education. Public schools are being closed down and private schools are being opened as a replacement which leave children little choice but to continue their studies at the private schools instead of their previous public ones. Furthermore these private schools are owned by relatives of the offending officials, Baghaturia claimed.

According to official data, about 1,045 schools have closed out of 3,000. Most of the pupils from the closed-down schools are now not attending any school as most of them simply cannot afford to continue their studies at private schools. According to statistics the number of pupils at private schools has increased by 36,000 children,” Baghaturia said.

First graders showing a high level of academic performance

The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia undertook a national assessment of the country’s first graders in two subjects - English Language and IT technologies. The first Deputy Minister, Koka Sepherteladze, held a briefing on the primary results of the assessment, 24 Hours reports.

75 public schools, 1,800 first graders and their parents, 400 teachers and 75 school principals participated in the national assessment. 70% of the first graders received the highest scores.

The National Assessment analyses how students achieve the learning outcomes set by the National Curriculum. The survey was conducted by the National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement under the Ministry in December of 2011; the aim of the national assessment was to determine whether the reforms implemented during the 2011-2012 years were successful. The assessment was conducted in two directions: instruction of English Language in the first grade and the introduction of netbooks (buki) in the learning process.