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What field should be a priority for Georgian government in 2012?

Monday, January 9
“Regular increasing prices are the problems we are concermed about and the government should try to regulate that otherwise number of people beyond poverty line will increase. It was really hard to buy products and sweets for New Year days.”
Rezo, lecturer, 58

“Economic development and creating of new jobs should be the priority of the government but I have a doubt if our government pays attention to us at all. I was a teacher at one of the public schools; some days ago they dismissed me because of cutting of the staff. What shall I do now?”
Lali, chemist, 47

“I will name education sector of the country. Everyone has a right to get education either at school or universities. However not everyone have enough financial sources to cover all costs at universities. Government should pay more attention to this issue.”
Gigi, schoolboy, 16

“I think Health issues should be priority. The prices are extremely high in drug stores and people are not able to receive a proper treatment. Besides, operations cost a lot in all hospitals of Georgia. Ok, we see how officials open the hospitals but we need those hospitals to carry out proper treatment and not because we like these colorful buildings.”
Meri, housewife, 41

“I think our government has its priorities and it knows better what should be the major one. Road rehabilitation was the priority and we see the result, hospital sector was priority and we see the result.

“As elections are approaching in Georgia, I think the first thing what should the government do is to improve elections environment in Georgia. This is the major task – to hold elections in a democratic way.”
Ana, project manager, 27

“Price increasing must be stopped. The tendency is awful, prices on everything are increasing and salaries are the same. It is very difficult to live in Georgia.”
Givi, taxi driver, 51

“I think that the priority for the Government for 2012 should be education.”
Nini , Language Specialist , 23