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Do you want to become a citizen of other country? Which one?

Tuesday, January 10
“I would like to have a citizenship of one of the EU countries. I would be able to travel and see almost whole Europe in this case without waiting for visa. On the other hand if I would move there and begin working there, I would not like to leave Georgia forever.”
Levan, photographer, 26

“Yes I want US citizenship. Firstly, because is is the most difficult to get US visa and second I would go and live in New York City with great pleasure. I just adore this city but only from photos so far.”
Tiko, designer, 31

“Well, I think there is nothing wrong in having dual citizenship but as I know if I have foreign country citizenship then I will lose Georgian one. So I do not want to happen so. Besides, I have travelled abroad for several times and I have never had a problem regarding getting visa.”
Giorgi, journalist, 29

“Well, if a have a choice I would choose US citizenship. That’s really cool. Even in our country US citizens are more appreciated than native people. I will have certain privileges and I would be able to get a good job.”
Dima, student, 20

“I dream to become a citizen of any superpower country. For instance I would become a US citizen with pleasure, since even in Georgia one can feel more comfortable holding foreign citizenship.”
Lado, lecturer, 35

“I would love to become a Swedish or Norwegian citizen. In my opinion they are the most convenient countries to live, plus they have a strong social assistance packages, which makes life less stressful.
Nestan, accountant, 40