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Kyrgyz businessmen moving to Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, January 12
Gambling is banned in Kyrgyzstan. Since the newly elected leadership have not changed their stance on this, the businessmen involved in the gambling business are looking to move to alternative markets.

Kyrgyzstan used to attract people from its neighbouring countries who came specifically for the gambling in the country. Gamblers would travel from Kazakhstan, China, Turkmenistan, Russia and other places. As economists have roughly calculated, by banning gambling business in the country Kyrgyztan has lost annual revenue of around USD 350 million. The business also provided roughly 15,000 jobs. If nothing changes in this direction then Kyrgyz businessman will be thinking seriously about moving their businesses elsewhere. Some have already moved to Georgia, Batumi in particular. Therefore in the future there might be more Kyrgyz business activities seen in Georgia.