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Do you think a wedding contract should be signed between couples?

Thursday, January 12
I dont support signing the wedding contract , as to my mind marriage is a spiritual unity of a man and a woman and financial issues should not be related with it . Such contract imposes such impression as the couple from the beginning think on divorce .
Giorgi, Student , 19

I dont have a sharp opinion about the issue. However one never knows what happens until he/she is married.
Revaz , Bank Employee , 21

I agree to the signing of the wedding contract.
Natia , facilitator, 33.

I have heard only little information about this contract. In the past as I know there were no such contracts, well I do not have any contract with my husband. I do not see any necessity to have it if the family life is based on love, trust and respect.
Nana, doctor, 46

I strongly suggest all couples to form wedding contract. This is a sort of defensive mechanisms if they divorce. I have had two husbands and both marriages ended with very unpleasant results. One of them even dared and took away my car. It was bought by him but still it was mine. So, I welcome such contracts.
Tina, secretary, 29

Well, I think wedding contract is the first step of prompting family to divorce. I am not married but if I am I will not form any contact with my future wife. We will have everything common in our family.
Sandro, student, 18

When a couple signs the paper that they agree to marry, this is already wedding contract.
Anna, PR Manager, 23

I think yes. But its a new thing for Georgia and not many couples make such a contract yet.
Irinka, Journalist, 26