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Friday, January 13
Farmers not receiving their GEL 30 vouchers

Rezonansi writes that the distribution of GEL 30 vouchers allocated by the Ministry of Agriculture for subsistence farmers is experiencing trouble. The problem is that many farmers do not find their names on the list of recipients and consequently do not get vouchers. The Agriculture Ministry says that new lists will be drawn up where those farmers who were missed out on previous lists will be included and that everyone who is supposed to get their GEL 30 vouchers will. The farmers however do not trust this statement because the same thing apparently happened with the distribution of electricity vouchers, as a result of which a number of families did not receive them.

Zakro Natsvlishvili, resident of Akhaldaba village, says that he has never received a voucher from the Government as he has never found himself on the list. “As a result of past experience I contacted our village head and asked if my name was on the list, he found out that I was not. So this means that I will not get a voucher this time either,” Natsvlishvili said.

A number of peasants from the village Variani have not appeared on the lists either. According to them they have been promised that they will all be on the new list however they do not trust this promise. “They have not given us our vouchers. This is a negligible amount of money and of course it is not enough to launch great agriculture activities in our back gardens but for poor farmers like us each and every tetri is important. So we will wait and hope,” said one of the farmers from Variani village.

Physical education teachers to take exams

An appropriate exam programme will be developed for teachers of Physical Education in Georgia. A special committee has been set up in the Ministry of Education and Science to discuss the issue. The Minister of Education and Science Dimitri Shashkini and the Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs Lado Vardzelashvili met the members of this committee to review the criteria of the exam programme for the discipline of physical education.

Representatives of sports federations and experts of physical education will work together with the respective staff of the Ministry of Education and Science to develop the exam programme.

Separate committees will also be created to create exam programmes for the teachers of music, fine and applied arts.