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What is your opinion about two New Year days in Georgia? Do you celebrate so called Old New Year?

Friday, January 13
"Well, we celebrate in family but it is not so big celebration as 1st of January. We have a tradition to meet New Year in family and do lots of traditional meals, but it is not repeated on old New Year. we have just usual family dinner."
Ketino, ophthalmologist, 42

"We have everything two in Georgia. It is not serious at all. Two Christmases, two New Years, two St. George Days etc. I think it is time to give its name to everything and not celebrate everything twice. I do not celebrate old one."
Nika, student, 21

"Yes, We do. We celebrate Old New Year rather than new one, because usually me and my family members are fasting during New Year period and our real New Year begins on 14th of January."
Mariam, teacher, 27

I like it and we always celebrate it better than January 1. There is more emotion on January 1, thats all.
Mariam , pupil , 14

I am from Samegrelo region and old New Year is more celebrated there , thus I like celebrating two new years and in Samegrelo old is more respected.
Natia , Language Specialist , 23

I like celebrating New Year twice , why not ? I mark it .
Khatuna , Journalist , 26

I acknowledge one New Year and almost never celebrate so called Old New year. I don't think that we need two New Years.
Ani , English Language specialist , 23

I celebrate old new year more than 1 January. Old new year is real New Year for us because we celebrate Christmas on January 7 and then follows the so called Old New Year on 14th.
Tornike, Economist, 22

In my opinion, we can do nothing about this matter, as these two "new years" have their reasons, if we can call them "reasons". Yes, I celebrate Old New Year and invite my friends.
Nino, Accountant, 25

I never celebrate it. In my opinion this New Year (31st of December) did not have its "salt" for this year so I may think of celebrating the old New Year.
Ninia, PR Manager, 21

Yes I celebrate it not less than the first one and I think it must be celebrated widely.
Lile, Journalist, 28

I don't celebrate Old New Year. One feast is enough.
Nino, Interpreter, 31