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Do you welcome Ivanishvili’s spouse, Ekaterine Khvedelidze to come into politics?

Monday, January 16
“Actually yes, because Georgian political spectrum has become too “authoritarian” especially for the last several years that’s why we need new faces promising to change the situation in the country. But I’m afraid Ivanishvili’s team needs good preparatory activities to start the real political activities.”
Ilia, Historian, 28

“No, this is not a decision of a politician. And that proves the fact that Ivanishvili shouldn't be in politics. There is no time for experiments.”
Sophio, Reporter, 23

“I do not welcome.”
Artiom, Journalist, 24

“Of course I do. I understand very well that it is not easy to decide but if they decided it means that they really do care for Georgia. I know behind her will be Bidzina and his team which really be our future government. She was obliged to make such step as Ivanishvili has not been granted by Georgian citizenship.”
Tamriko, housewife, 53

”I more welcome coming of politicians to politics, however based on current reality, it is acceptable. At the same time, I think that her coming to politics was imposed due to situation and not will. “
Nana, Lawyer, 44

“I guess that there is some basement in this decision, but currently I cant’s guess it , when I will guess why such step was made, maybe I would welcome.”
Shota, Student, 20

“Oh, I think Georgia is the only country where everyone can establish own political party and take part into elections. I do not welcome non professionals to rule our country, this is my answer!”
Giga, IT specialist, 32

“I feel neutral about the issue – it’s a constitutional right of each citizen to participate in elections and everyone can use this opportunity it as he or she wishes as Khvedelidze does by coming in politics. Maybe some people disliked her decision or even feel scared to lose the political status but Georgian politics generally looks like a sleeping bear licking its fingers. So the many ideas will appear on the political arena the better competitive the environment will be and the more benefit the voters would have.”
Giorgi, Psychologist, 28