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Tuesday, January 17
Director of UNHCR European Bureau holds meetings in Tbilisi

Director of UNHCR European Bureau pays a six-day official visit to Georgia. Daniel Endres begins the official part of the visit today.

Within the 6-day visit to the country, Daniel Endres is supposed to get acquainted with the living conditions of internally displaced people from the occupied territories of Georgia.

Director of UNHCR European Bureau is also expected to meet with representatives of the Georgian authorities. Daniel Endres will also arrive in Batumi and get familiarized with the new brand of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia - The House of Justice and a new customs on Georgia-Turkey border in Sarpi.
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So Called south Ossetian Presidential Candidates Have to Write Dictation in Ossetian and Russian Languages

Presidential candidates of so called South Ossetia will have to pass exams. As agency “Res” informs, the decision was made by the de-facto CEC . Linguistic commissions will take exams.

“The candidates will have to write a dictation in Ossetian and Russian, make a summery and prepare a 5-minute speech on the topic given by the commission”, de-facto commission chairperson Bela Pliyeva said.

The renewed presidential elections of so called South Ossetia will be held on 25 March. De-facto Supreme Court abolished the results of elections held on 27 November, 2011, when Ala Dzhyoeva won.

Nestan Kirtadze Discussed Project of Creating Trade Centers on Enguri and in Niqozi with EU Monitors

The meeting was held between the chairman of the Civil Movement “Georgian- Abkhazian and Georgian-Ossetian House” Nestan Kirtadze and the representatives of the EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia, Mr. Aron Wangborg and Ms. Liselotte Ianstson.

Nestan Kirtadze discussed the project of creating the trade centers on Enguri and in Niqozi with EU Monitors.

The press service informs that at the meeting it was considered the situation after the 2008 August war, and the problems of the population of conflict regions as well.

During the meeting Nestan Kirtadze noted, that the peace initiative on the political level is very important, but it needs a long period of time; But the peace initiatives on the level of Civil Movement is more important, because, in result of our good will and working every day this will solve the social-economic and humanitarian problems, that are disturbing the population of conflict regions.

During the meeting with EU Monitors Nestan Kirtadze talked about the concrete projects, which will promote the process of restoration of confidence and collaboration between the population. regions..

Representatives of Georgian and Ossetian Society Discussed Situation in Conflict zone

Representatives of Georgian and Ossetian society discussed the situation in the conflict zone, InterPressNews was told about it by a meeting participant Paata Zakareishvili.

The meeting “Standpoint” took place on 11-14 January. 21 participants, representatives of the Georgian and Ossetian society, also international organizations and advisors of Great Britain’s Foreign Ministries discussed the situation in the conflict zone. They spoke about the initiatives to restore trust between the parties.

The issue of supplying Georgian and Ossetian villages of the Akhalgori region with water and it was also mentioned that humanitarian problems must be solved without politicization.

The problem of searching for missing people was also discussed.

The meetings are held by initiative of the School for Conflicts Analysis and Resolution of George Mason University. The meeting aims at restoring mutual trust of the parties. The meeting participants are private individuals and are not official representatives of the parties.