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Tuesday, January 17
Morning train speed will be 120km/hour

Georgian Railway trains will travel at a maximum speed of 120km/hour for the first time in Georgian Railway’s history. As Deputy Director of passenger transfer service Khariton Shalamberidze said during a press conference at Georgian Railway, it is now possible after the successful implementation of infrastructural project “Fast Railway”, Akhali Taoba reports.

He says that this will cut Tbilisi-Poti travel time to 4 hours and 45 minutes, Tbilisi-Batumi - 5 hours and 15 minutes. The changes regard only morning trains and the travel price remains unchanged.

Georgian Railway is offering a new project to passengers - “A day in Georgian resorts”, according to which passengers will be able to leave Tbilisi and return the same day. As Georgian Railway Ltd stated, to cut the duration of the morning train’s travel time, work on improving the railway’s infrastructure has been underway for more than a year.

A 100 km stretch of railway infrastructure has been rehabilitated. The average train speed was 70-80 km/hour before. Georgian Railway plans to cut the travel time to 3 hours from Tbilisi to Batumi by the end of 2013. Five Georgian-Chinese “Veenka” type trains will travel this route.

Ivanishvili’s TV channel has a Director General

Rezonansi writes that a new TV channel will be established by Bidzina Ivanishvili under the name Igrika. According to Ivanishvili’s press centre the company’s Director General will be Lasha Shonia, who has significant experience in the media industry.

So far it is unknown which journalists will be working for the TV channel when it starts airing. The programmes it will show are also not known. As press speaker of Ivanishvili Nona Kandiashvili said, the details will soon be released. According to her, Lasha Shonia will sound his plans and information on the new TV channel soon.