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Wednesday, January 18
Turkey supports Georgia’s territorial integrity - Volkan Bozkar

Turkey supports Georgia’s territorial integrity, Volkan Bozkar, head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, said after a meeting with his Georgian colleagues.

He said that there were many common issues between Turkey and Georgia, and that Turkey viewed Georgia as a strategic partner, friend and neighbour in the region.

The guest said that the meeting focused on improving and expanding relations between the two countries.

Representatives of the Turkish Grand National Assembly met with Georgia’s Deputy Speaker of Parliament Gigi Tsereteli, Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee Akaki Minashvili, MPs Guram Chakhvadze, Chiora Taktakishvili and Nika Laliashvili. (Interpressnews)

Rescue operation continues in the Adriatic Sea

Rescue operation continues in the Adriatic Sea near the port of Dures to find the corpse of a Georgian national Malkhaz Lazishvili, who disappeared during a tragic accident on the oil tanker Edirne two days ago. The rescuers and the crew of the tanker have already confirmed that another Georgian sailor, Beka Urushadze died during the accident on the tanker.

The tanker sailing with the flag of Sierra Leone was carring fuel when an explosion occurred in its container. The tanker was constructed in 1980.

There were six Georgian nationals on the board of the tanker, four of which survived in the catastrophe. (Rustavi 2)

Napoleon had Caucasian genes?!

A French geneticist has made an astonishing conclusion about French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and his origin - the report prepared by a long-survey conducted by Gerard Lucotte was published in a French newspaper. The geneticist asserts that the genetic origin of the emperor leads to Caucasus. Gerard Lucotte worked on the family tree of the emperor for years, conducted DNA analysis and concluded that the genes discovered in the DNA of the ancestors and the offspring of the emperor coincided with Caucasian genes. All previous surveys conducted so far said that the predecessors of the emperor were from Near East. (Rustavi 2)

Afghan authorities familiarized with Georgian customs system

The delegates of the Afghanistan`s Ministry of Trade and Industry paid a two-day official visit to Georgia. The goal of the visit was to get familiarized with the Georgian customs system and the novelties introduced in this system by the government of Georgia. Today, the delegation vested the Economic Registration Zone of the Revenue Office observing the work of the system.

The Afghan specialists hailed the simplified procedures of cargo registration and the forms of electronic registration.

The visit was organized by the International Financial Corporation. The Afghan authorities were familiarized with the work of other offices too. (Rustavi 2)

Deputy Minister discharged from hospital

Deputy Minister of Sustainable Development and Economics Giorgi Karbelashvili has been discharged from hospital after his health was improved. Deputy Minister was infected with a viral disease during his visit to Africa, when he participated in the negotiations with Somalian pirates to release 15 Georgian sailors after 508-day captivity. Doctors say his health is stable now.

Giorgi Karbelashvili was assigned to lead the negotiations with the pirates by the order of the president Saakashvili, who awarded him with the Saint George`s Order of Victory a few days ago in absentia due to his illness. (Rustavi 2)

Italian newspaper published article about Georgian Minister

A popular Italian newspaper The Style has published an article about the Minister of Sustainable Development and Economics of Georgia, Vera Kobalia. Journalist Stephano Montefiore describes the youngest Georgian minister as the most amazing minister of economics around the world, who tries to contribute to the process of Georgia`s aspirations to transform from a Soviet Republic to a European one.

The journalist expressed his astonishment regarding her age in the interview. Kobalia said the Georgian president wanted to have people in the team, who had no ties including a mental one with the previous regime of the country.

Italian journalist put forth questions about the reforms carried out in the country since the 2003 Rose Revolution emphasizing that Georgia`s GDP has grown by 6.4%since Kobalia assumed the office of the economic minister. I reply, she said that the country's priority then was to encourage and facilitate the development of business, agriculture and tourism.

Georgia-Russia relations and the Russian embargo on Georgian products was another issue of interest during the interview.

The interviewer also asked the minister about the reason that made her return from Canada to Georgia. Vera Kobalia answered that primarily she arrived in Georgia to assist an IDP family, but afterwards she decided to stay here. (Rustavi 2)

Mikheil Japaridze claims to have organized abuse of Ioseliani`s grave

The person, who planned and organized the abuse of the grave of Jaba Ioseliani, a Georgian politician and leader of the paramilitary Mkhedrioni organization a few days ago, has been identified. has published a video online, which is addressed by Georgian national Mikheil Japaridze, who currently lives in Germany, revealing the fact.

Japaridze says he planned and implemented the intention to dig out Ioseliani`s grave. Japaridze defined the motive of the crime, saying Ioseliani did not belong to any political organization and it was just an action aiming to tell that there is no place for Ioseliani at the Didube Pantheon of Georgian Writers and public Figures.

The administration of the pantheon found military oar, posters with the inscriptions made with blood and pictures of the late politician taken in the 90-ies, during the civil war in Georgia on the grave on January 7th. Eyewitnesses said they saw two men creeping on the gates of the pantheon and digging the grave of the politician. (Rustavi 2)