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Wednesday, January 18
“I will be checking all the hospitals recently opened by Saakashvili,” Viktor Dolidze

In his interview with Rezonansi, Free Democrat City Council Member Viktor Dolidze says that he will personally check all the hospitals recently opened by the President in different regions of Georgia.

According to him those newly constructed hospitals are not affordable for local people and the costs of treatment there are too high. As for the medical personnel employed, their number has decreased due to a lack of funds.

Dolidze was in Tskaltubo where a new hospital was recently opened, and was introduced to the clinic’s conditions. “Tskaltubo Hospital is a three storey building built by Aldagi BCI company and GEL 1,700,000 was spent on its construction. All those hospitals have actually been constructed and equipped by different insurance companies and Saakashvili does not have any claim on them. He just made businessmen build and equip them, then he went and cut the red tape and stated that the Government is responsible for carrying out hospital reform in the country,” Dolidze said.

“This is another issue - how Saakashvili made those businessmen build the hospitals in the first place, but it is not the most important one. The more pressing issue is how affordable the prices are at those clinics. Tskaltubo Hospital consists of 15 beds and of course that is not enough to accomodate the whole region. When I looked at the prices they are no different to those in Tbilisi. Therefore due to the high prices not everyone will be able to receive treatment there. When I visited the hospital, there was only one man undergoing surgery there, and one other person, a woman, who was complaining about the high prices at the hospital,” Dolidze said.

New Georgian language textbooks for ethnic minority schoolchildren

Minister of Education and Science of Georgia Dimitri Shashkini has provided the library of the Armenian Public School Tbilisi with newly published Georgian language textbooks for ethnic minority schoolchildren, 24 Hours reports.

The Minister also held a meeting with the school’s teachers. During the meeting the Minister highlighted the importance of teaching the Georgian language. The Ministry published the Georgian language textbooks for ethnic minority schoolchildren in order to support their integration in Georgian society.

The programme “Georgian Language for Future Success” was the President’s initiative. The aim of the programme is to improve the knowledge of the Georgian language among ethnic minorities living in the regions of Georgia. The Ministry has developed Georgian language textbooks in the scope of the programme. Textbooks for the first four levels have already been published.

The textbook consists of a book and student’s exercise book. The textbook is accompanied by audio visual materials and computer games.