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What do you know about European Union?

Wednesday, January 18
“Well, EU is an organization where several European countries are included. It is a complex and big organization which has several institutions. Its major goal is to establish democracy and economic stability through Europe. It helps Georgia as well despite the fact that we are not EU member so far. I think this is all I know.”
Mary, teacher, 31

“I have heard European Union for many times from news, but to tell the truth I do not know exactly what kind of institution it is. I think it is the same organization as NATO but it is only in Europe. If you ask why Georgia wants its membership I will not be able to answer, maybe to get more money for financing some projects.”
Nadia, housewife, 49

“It is an unique organization consisting of 27 European countries. They have several institutions like European Commission, European Parliament and Council of Europe etc. Georgia is a member of Council of Europe but not EU member yet, thus we have a big aspiration to join EU but I think this is just a dream nowadays. In order to join EU, a country should be democratic with no breakaway territories and many other criteria are needed for that.”
Levan, student, 21

"I know many things about European Union, really. I'm a political scientist, so I studied global organizations.”
Revaz , Bank Employee, 21

“I am not interested in at all .”
Ani , Language Specialist, 23

“It is an economic and political Union of 27 European states , which growth stage after stage and which suffers due to economic crisis currently ,”
Anna, Journalist, 35

“Well, I know much about the organization. I am currently editor in chief of one of the news agency , formerly , I worked for Human Rights Watch and IWPR and had been in the EU member states for many times.”
Irakli , Editor-in Chief , 27

“Actually I can’t remember anything particular about the EU perhaps that’s because that’s not my field – I’m an economist working as an accountant and I become less interested in international organisations’ activities even if they are strategically important for our country.”
Nino, Accountant, 24

“I know that European Union is an international organization oriented on various issues worldwide. It is among the main decision-makers on the global stage and a wonderful shield for every member country.”
Elene, Interpreter, 22

“I know that EU makes life easier.”
Nino, Journalist, 23

“Well I know its European and... united.”
Nodar, Ecoomist, 20