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Friday, January 20
565 more babies became Patriarch’s godchildren

565 more babies became the Patriarch’s godchildren. The 21st baptism was held at the Trinity Cathedral yesterday. The Patriarch arrived at the cathedral for the baptism and blessed his godchildren. He also delivered a sermon.

Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II is already the godfather of 10,400 children. The Patriarch has been baptizing each third child of wedded couples.

The first general baptism was held at the Trinity Cathedral on 19 January 2008. The aim of the Patriarch is to improve the country’s demographic state.

The 20th baptism was held on 27 November. (Interpressnews)

4 surviving Georgian sailors to return to Georgia tomorrow

4 Georgian sailors, who were on board of a Turkish tanker that sank in the Adriatic Sea, will return to Georgia tomorrow.

According to Georgian Vice Consul to Turkey, the sailors will arrive in Batumi, Adjara region of Georgia, tomorrow, Georgian TV networks report.

Negotiations are under way with the Albanian side on transfer of the body of Beka Urushadze, a sailor killed during the explosion on the tanker.

Rescuers are continuing to search for the body of another Georgian sailor Malkhaz Lazishvili, the Consul said.

The Turkish tanker exploded on 16 January. 6 out of the 14 on board were Georgian, 3 - Turkish, 3 – Azerbaijani and 2 - Ukrainian. (Interpressnews)

Road still block up in Dusheti

The citizens of Armenia, who waited for the resumption of traffic in Dusheti district to cross the Georgia-Russia border, have returned to Armenia last night. They decided to return to Armenia after they were told that the road will not be opened for the next few days.

The heavy snow blocked the movement three days ago and the danger of avalanche on this section of the highway halted the road cleaning works; however, tractors are intensively working on Gudauri-Kobi section or the highway to clean up the road to the ski resort Gudauri. (Rustavi 2)

Moscow hopes Georgian people to be guided by native interests

While there are no diplomatic relations between Georgia and Russia, cooperation in economic and cultural fields are developing, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said at the press conference in Moscow on Wednesday.

"Of course, we are concerned with the continuing attempts to portray Russia as the enemy of Georgian people, to bring up the young Georgian men and women in this manner and sow such seeds of hatred for many years ahead. Virtually, any statement made by Mikheil Nikolayevich is stupefying. But when he said that the Georgievsk Treaty was the first case of Georgia`s occupation by the Russian Empire, I first laughed but then I realized that this is probably what they teach children at Georgian schools," Lavrov said.

"Georgia found protection in Russia, fleeing its aggressive neighbors from another side, and it is dreadful when this history is presented as the Russian occupation of Georgia. We had been there before, on the eve of World War II. I hope that the Georgian people will be guided by their native interests and not yield to the attempts to sow hatred between us," the Russian foreign minister said. (Rustavi 2)

Georgian national died during passport control on Moldova`s border

A Georgian national died at the customs of the Moldova-Ukraine border - Moldovan media reported based on the information provided by local border guards.

Reports say a 60-year-old man, who lived in Ukraine, was traveling to Moldova to search for his son missing during past few years. The man was traveling to the country together with the friend of his son. He had documents issued by Ukrainian authorities, which proved the fact of disappearance of his son.

Reportedly, the man had all necessary documents with him, but suddenly lost consciousness and died soon during the passport control. (Rustavi 2)

Murder suspect arrested

The police have arrested a person charged with an attempt of murder, which occurred in the Dedoplistskaro district of the Kakheti Region on January 13, 2012. According to the investigation, Simon Bezhitashvili had an argument with Zaza Iukuridze about a puppy; the argument grew into a clash between Bezhitashvili and Iukuridze; Bezhitashvili shot Iukuridze with a gun in his stomach. The injured man was transferred to the hospital, but the doctors failed to save him.

Bezhitashvili has pleaded guilty. (Rustavi 2)