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What do you expect from Saakashvili-Obama meeting?

Friday, January 20
“Well, definitely this is a very important meeting but we should not have high expectations. Georgia and USA are friendly countries, we have almost same interests and values and this meeting is another prove of America’s interest towards Georgia. It is quite obvious that in South Caucasus USA’s best partner country is Georgia so they need us as well as we need them.”
Mariam, student, 21

“I don’t have any particular topics about the two leaders’ meeting but I do only hope that Georgian-US cooperation would be beneficial not only for America but my country too. Georgia’s strategic geopolitical location has been quite important for the US and Europe but as the citizen of this country I am more interested in Georgia’s interests.”
Nodar, Economist, 28

“I don’t want to expect something from their meeting at all because I think it’s high time that Georgia’s fate should be solved in here! Actually it might be a very serious meeting of two leaders where the US President would probably remind Saakashvili to hold objective elections. But I think the main purpose of Saakashvili’s visit to the US would refer to internal Georgian policy and even the “fundamental changes” in the country… Our president is the sort of person who can easily ignore the advice he dislikes and only remember the positive aspect of the meeting especially from Obama, who would supposedly fail in becoming the US president for the second time.”
Tornike, Sociologist, 32

“I am sure the major topic of Obama-Saakashvili meeting will be forthcoming elections of parliamentary and presidential one. I wish Obama to tell Saakashvili to go home and give Georgians opportunity to vote for the people who they want to see as their country’s authorities. Saakashvili and his team must go and I am sure America thinks so.”
Maia, housewife, 44

“I think one of the major topics of discussion will be Iran. As we know there is very tense situation and I am sure Obama will be interested what Georgia’s position will be if a military attacks would take place in Iran. We have good relations with Iran and we do not even need visa to go there, so I think if something unpleasant happens Georgia will act adequately.”
David, economist, 35

“I do not want to have an illusion or big expectations. Let us wait and see what will they discuss and what problem will be solved. I think occupied territories and relations with Russia will be discussed. Neither Georgia nor USA have good relations with Russian Federation so they both should try to find common language with them. Otherwise our frozen conflicts will never be solved.”
Sophie, manager, 27