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What do you think about constructing hydro power stations on the Mtkvari river? Do you think Georgia will face serious ecological problems?

Monday, January 23
“I don’t think the Mtkvari is such a powerful river to create energy enough for Georgia and Turkey, as the officials suppose. I just find it as a utopian idea as any other related story suggested by our so much beloved president, Saakashvili.”
Nikoloz, Geologist, 32

“It would definitely cause problems because we have the small hydro energy stations which should have better been taken care of instead of building up a new huge station.”
Ilia, Chemist, 48

“Unfortunately I’m not familiar with the issue to give suggestions and share opinions but I’ve heard the officials talking about changing the direction of the Mtkvari River… Does it mean that Mtkvari won’t enter Georgia anymore? Or what does it mean? If it is so Tbilisi would have real problems otherwise let the professionals think of the consequences.”
Matiam, Reporter, 22

“Well. I am not very much aware in the issue, however I do not think it would be very safe project. It needs research, analysis and so on. In general, I consider that it would not be very profitable for the country, economically."
Lasha, Student, 21

“I am not quite sure that it will be a serious problem for Georgian ecology.”
Nino, Language Specialist, 23

“I think that it will create some ecologic catastrophe, as that water which would be used on hydro electric power, will flow in Chorokhi and then to the Black Sea. This is the ecological catastrophe …”
Ale, Coordinator, 38

“Indeed it might have some negative consequences, but I think it will be a good project, since Georgia has become an energy exporting country."
Lado, Credit officer, 24

“I do not think this project may jeopardize the environment since any possible negative impacts will be taken into consideration. As for the HPP indeed it is good. More energy will be exported."
Guram, Engineer 40