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Presentation of the scientific journal at Tbilisi State University

Tuesday, January 24
Presentation of the popular scientific journal “TSU Science“ was held at the Tbilisi State University. The journal is bilingual; the event was attended by the Minister, Dimitri Shashkini, TSU Rector, Alexander Kvitashvili, the members of Parliament and scientists.

The journal features current developments in Research and Science at the TSU.

The first issue of the journal outlines different scientific achievements in various fields of science; among them are Solar Concentrator, (nominated as one of the best scientific projects at the World Bank Forums); contribution of Georgian scientists to CERN research. The journal also contains articles depicting unique characteristics of Georgian wine.

The Scientific journal features stories about the “Knight in the Panther’s Skin”, new archeological discoveries; ethnic- terroristic threats, HIV types spread in Georgia; new developments in economy.

The journal will be issued twice a year. It will depict those developments in science and research that have been recognized internationally; the journal will also feature different interesting reports and stories in various fields of science.