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Do you think Georgia currently faces any danger from Russia?

Tuesday, January 24
“No, I disagree with the idea that Georgia may be facing any danger from Russia nowadays and I hope the two neighbouring countries will finally restore relations on the political level.”
Ia, Designer, 24

“Actually I haven’t heard any official information about the threats from Russia but our government has been teasing Russian officials all the time. I hope neither of the sides would make any unwise steps and endanger people on behalf of their confrontations.”
Giorgi, Teacher, 31

“I think that threat exists. There are elections in Russia and it is not above Putin to think some provocations will bring victory in the elections. As his victory might inspire street rallies, to shift attention and to keep his position, Putin might do this. However, on the other hand, foreign states and international organizations would oppose this, as it is not in the civilized world’s interest to see Russia in Georgia , as in this case Europe would be in Russian hands …”
Levan, Student, 20

“Until there is war rhetoric from both states, threats regarding some conflict remains.”
Anna, Journalist, 35

“ my mind provocations, even war, is not excluded unfortunately... in order to cover and hide instability in Russia¬.”
Sopho, Social Worker, 23

"I cannot see such threat.“
Maia, Housewife, 40

“I think that currently Georgia really faces threats from Russia and that these threats are quite serious.”
Revaz, Bank Employee, 21

“I think that there is no threat from Russia, however if we irritate it, the threat would exist of course. I can not see such a threat now, as Russia has its own problems and issues, but a wounded lion is harmful if you place your hand in its mouth. If we somehow damage its strategic idyll or do everything to please America, nothing is excluded.”
Guram, Economist, 36