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Do the Georgian media require protection?

Thursday, February 2
“The Georgian media is biased, either towards the government or opposition. Unfortunately there is hardly any journalist or media organization that is independent in his or her actions. That’s why the Georgian media needs careful attention and protection. ”
Eka, Sociologist, 28

“Media is the mediator between the public and the state; thus I think protection of newsmen is important for the country. [Also] in order to release and obtain news about ongoing issues so that people could judge or approve of state policies and the officials would do their best to improve their mistakes and satisfy the demand of the people.”
Elene, Interpreter, 22

“Media needs extreme protection in Georgia now, as it is very much unprotected.”
Bachana, Student, 22

"Oh, come on. Everything is protected in Georgia including media! We all know that fully democratic media exists nowhere in the world. I listen, watch and hear what media reports everyday and I do not think it needs any protection. Protect why? Because some owners have not decided who has more shares or what?"
Maia, dentist, 38

“Not only media... Human rights are to be protected first of all.”

"I do not know. Who should protect the media? I know that there is a large variety of Georgian media in our country, like television, newspapers, online editions, and some of them are pro-government, others pro-opposition. I have no idea how they should be protected but what I want them to be is impartial and unbiased. I think they are quite well protected."
Nino, student, 19

“I suppose that yes, the media needs protection in Georgia.”
Maia, Nurse/laboratory assistant, 45

“Actually any media should be free in their activities but it’s not the case in Georgia – if in Georgia you work at the so-called pro-government media outlets, you are a bad guy, while if you work at so-called opposition channels, then you are unsuccessful. There is such diversity in Georgian society that it’s hard to make sense of what the media is really like. But as a matter of fact journalists, editors, media organizations should be protected under the law and what’s more important, they should be impartial in their activities. It means that they should cover the issues they find newsworthy without selecting whether they are in favor or against the government’s will.”
Nikoloz, Lawyer, 32

“The media is overprotected here.”
Revaz, Bank employee, 21