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Monday, February 6
Cost for marshrutka ride may increase

Rezonansi writes that the cost of a single trip by marshrutka in Tbilisi may increase again soon. The price of a ride on some marshrutkas rose from 50 tetri to 80 tetri last year, but a further increase to 1 lari has not been ruled out. Tbilisi City Hall cannot confirm this information, and member of the city assembly, Christian Democrat Jaba Saamushaia, has said that he doubts the rumours are true.

Viktor Dolidze: Saakashvili must go

In an interview with Akhali Taoba, member of the Free Democrats Viktor Dolidze spoke about the recent meeting between Barack Obama and Mikheil Saakashvili in Washington, and criticized the Georgian president's legacy.

“Our American colleagues in Washington told us that Saakashvili has two options: first, so-called 'Putin’s way' and second, 'George Washington’s way'. I cannot compare Saakashvili with Washington as he [Washington] was asked by his people to participate in elections for the third time but Saakashvili... harmed [his] country and its image. What can we talk about when 1 800 000 people live beyond the poverty line in Georgia? So he must go,” Dolidze affirmed.

“Despite everything, if Saakashvili wishes to stay in power, it will be dramatic for Georgia," he continued. "He will repeat Putin’s way. So, in such case the opposition will struggle until the end. I do not have an illusion that he may go easily but I still have hope that his choice will be adequate,” Dolidze added.

He also hopes that Georgia will learn more details about the discussion between the presidents in the near future, although he does not name who he thinks will provide more information.