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Which political force do you consider reliable?

Monday, February 6
“At this time I don’t think any of the political forces are reliable in Georgia – they all try to play their own game and care little about people.”
Temur, Writer, 29

“Actually I more dislike the ruling United National Movement than like [them], but from this point of view I feel it would be better to rely on the 'accustomed misery' than 'unknown misery'."
Lela, Housewife, 34

“Although I don’t know their political views quite well I still like the Republican Party which has managed to remain united from the very beginning. I have met some of the party’s members and I think they have very interesting education backgrounds and political experience.”
Mariam, Reporter, 24

“I do not rally for any political force.”
Sopho, Interpreter, 23

“To tell you the truth, currently it is difficult for me to make my comment. Based on reality, Ivanishvili’s force is acceptable for me, as I do not like the course of the current authorities. However, if I see that Ivanishvili drags Georgia to Russia, I will not vote for him.”
Lasha, Musician, 30

“I have no idea, is there anything on which we can rely? It is not easy to determine, however if we look at the current situation I think our government deserves to be relied upon, rather than those so-called opposition forces. Moreover, I have no guarantee that if they come into power I will have a more prosperous life. Of course I do not mean only myself, but the whole nation.”
Levan, Engineer, 41

“I trust Ivanishvili and his circumstances. He is really a very reliable person and I think he will do many good things for Georgia. I believe in him. Although he does not have a party now, I hope this will change soon and Georgians will have a hope of survival."
Nana, Pensioner, 66

“I trust the Free Democrats. I think it is the most balanced political party in Georgia. Irakli Alasania is a reliable leader in my opinion."
Salome, Student, 20

“I think that the forces are divided in Georgia. One force is the ruling party with its satellite parties, and another force is Bidzina Ivanishvili’s coalition. I think the latter is more reliable."
Iva, Doctor, 35

“I have been supporting the Republicans for five years already. I think they are the most reliable force now in Georgia. I am acquainted with their platform and I like it."
Khatuna, Teacher, 40