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Tuesday, February 7
Georgia has two directions, Berdzenishvili says

In an interview with Kviris Palitra, member of the Republican Party, David Berdzenishvili, commented on U.S. President Barack Obama's remarks about Georgia. “When President Obama... said that the Georgian government should be changed in a democratic way, it means that those previous elections have not been held democratically," Berdzenishvili claimed, adding, that "it is in America’s interest to [see] Georgian elections [conducted] in a transparent and fair way".

According to Berdenishvili, Obama's statements mean that he will not support Saakashvili if he decides to become Prime Minister. “In fact, Obama told Saakashvili to transfer authority to others. According to American [presidential] tradition, a person who was elected twice then leaves politics".

He also identified two political "models" for Georgia to follow – "Democratic, which means the President goes after his term expires, and the Russian model, [where] after a presidential term expires you go nowhere and become a Prime Minister and then a president again".

Students’ mobility process has begun

The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia has decided to simplify the procedures for inter-university student mobility and to set a time for students to switch schools in the spring semester, 24 Hours reports.

Students who want to move from one higher education institution to another, need to register their choice on e-portal, which will be activated from February 3 to February 15 on the website of the National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement.

The National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement has improved the portal and simplified registration procedures for 2012.

Registration through the electronic portal consists of the input of ID numbers and the creation of a personal profile. In the process of the registration, students will be able to choose their desired faculty and program.

Any student is allowed to choose no more than five faculties or programs. After registration, students can change faculties and programs as many times as they wish.