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Do you mind paying for 112 emergency service from your mobile account?

Tuesday, February 7
“Of course not, as an SMS informed me there will only be 20 tetri cut per month, so I do not think this amount of money is worth talking about.”
Mary, Bank Employee, 29

“Our government consists of criminals; they know how to take money away from people. I am against paying even small amount of money, you know why? Because I am sure that money goes into private businesses and into the pockets of government authorities. Why should I pay money for the public service even if I never call it?”
Dali, housewife, 51

“Well, 20 tetri is not a large amount of money but I am sure this cost will increase in time, the same with buses and marshrutkas. The cost started at 20 tetri and now it is 50 and 80 tetri. So, I will not be pleased if I see how more and more money is cut from my mobile account automatically.”
Zura, economist, 26

“I got some questions regarding the issue; somehow I haven't paid yet.”
Revaz, Bank Employee, 21

“To tell you the truth, I do not care at all.”
Ani, Language Specialist, 23

“I am categorically against this decision. I have no desire to poke somebody in my account without my permission. They have already cut 20 tetri from my account at a time when I needed it very much.”
Anna, Journalist, 35

“I am strictly protesting that decision, it is unacceptable to me.”
Salome, Manager, 28

“I think it’s terrible – I just wonder why the ordinary citizens have to pay for everything in this country. It’s just so weird.”
Lile, Reporter, 24

“The state-funded organizations like patrol police or ambulance shouldn’t be charge because they should serve people’s interests instead of violating their rights and oppressing them.”
Akaki, Economist, 21