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What do you think of the new rolling press carts?

Wednesday, February 8
“I feel really sorry for the sellers. It's freezing outside and they have to walk in very horrible weather”.
Khatuna, teacher, 40

“On one hand it is inconvenient for them work in extremely inconvenient conditions, and walk all day long. One the other hand, moving carts can attract more attention and increase sales.
Jemali, Engineer, 32

“I do not buy newspapers, I usually read news online. As for rolling carts I think they are very interesting and cheap. I hope [the sellers] receive an appropriate salary for being out all day long.”
Giorgi, Sales manager, 35

"I don't know. If the demand is high for papers, such a system is necessary. I'm not against it. I would ask if the prices remain the same and where will they deliver.”
Sopho, Journalist, 23

“[They seem] nice. Never tried one, but it seems to be a good idea.”
Revaz, Bank employee, 21

“I have nothing against it. I like it.”
Ani, Language specialist, 22

“I’m really very sorry for the people carrying all those papers on carts or bikes because I don’t think it’s a pleasure to walk from one district to another all day long in order to sell anything – it’s embarrassing and I [frown on] the government for neglecting the interests of these people – it’s a kind of violation of the labour code to me.”
Ninia, Teacher, 27

“Well, it’s better than nothing… What else can they do? How can they sell the papers and get money?”
Keti, PR manager, 25