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Thursday, February 9
Kyrgyz Parliamentary delegation visits Tbilisi

Intending to explore institutional reforms carried out by the Georgian government, a parliamentary delegation from Kyrgyzstan visited Tbilisi this week. Meetings were held with deputy Chair of Parliament, Mikheil Machavariani, and various committee members, 24 Hours reports.

The guests expressed an interest in changes to the economy, as well as in the healthcare, education, and police systems. Georgian legislators presented in detail the reforms undertaken in the past, as well as those scheduled for the future, and then answered questions.

As Georgian MPs noted, this experience will be invaluable for their colleagues from Kyrgyzstan. They will obtain concrete examples of reforms that can be made in their country. In recent years, Georgia has emerged as a world leader in economic and political reform, and attracted attention from fellow developing countries hoping to fight corruption and modernize their economies.

The leader of the Kyrgyz delegation hopes that the Georgian experience can be shared not only with Kyrgyzstan, but with all neighbouring countries. He remarked that "Georgian reforms are successful, they are continuous. In Kyrgyzstan we plan to start reforms only now. We suppose that the Georgian experience will be useful for us and for our neighbouring countries".

The parties agreed that relations between the two Parliaments should be further enhanced and that such visits will continue.