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Do you trust the Public Defender’s office in Georgia?

Thursday, February 9
“Well, I cannot criticise our ombudsman and his office. I think they are doing their best to collect information about problems which people have. But, the problem is that his suggestions for the government, his demands or reports, are not taken into account by officials. The problem is in the regime and the government of Georgia and not the ombudsman himself.”
Maka, Reporter, 29

“I do trust the PD's office; however, I am convinced that the current ombudsman is not as active as his predecessor, who was more actively involved in the issues of HR violations from the government.”
Levan, Guard, 32

“I think Giorgi Tugushi, our Public Defender, is quite a calm person. In other normal countries public defenders have great authority as they evaluate the situation in the country and give recommendations to state or non-government organizations, but in our country no one particularly reacts on his reports.”
Mari, Reporter, 24

“I have looked through his reports, and I think I trust Ombudsman's office. However, I do not think whether it is crucial.”
Nodar, IT specialist, 36

“In general, I trust it, however, I think that it lacks operative actions, in some cases its reaction is quite belated.”
Magda, Journalist, 36

“I think we are lucky with ombudsmen as Sozar Subari and Giorgi Tugushi; [they] are both very motivated people who a lot of research on the situation in various state agencies as well as the overall conditions of people in the country. I trust Tugushi and I hope that he would be as effective in his activities as possible.”
Kakha, Philosopher, 46

“I trust it, but I think that currently this office is not effective.”
Revaz, Bank employee, 21

“I believe in the office.”
Tamuna, Language specialist, 23