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Abkhaz president speaks candidly with EU Ambassador

By Ernest Petrosyan
Friday, February 10
“One may go blind from the glittering ideas of international diplomacy, but they are not appropriate for Abkhazia,” Abkazian President Alexander Ankvab remarked after a February 8 meeting with EU Ambassador to Georgia, Philipp Dimitrov.

As Ankvab noted, cooperation with European structures is possible in the fields of science, education, culture, and business. However, he said that “Georgia’s friends” have to give up the idea of “involvement without recognition”.

“Do not waste time on this. We are not surprised by the similar tone and text of international diplomats. We are tired of diplomatic manners,” he said, noting that EU diplomats are not well aware of Akbhazian history. “Officials come and go, but society stays,” Ankvab continued.

According to Apsnypress, Ankvab showed Abkhazian international passports to the EU Ambassador, claiming that the documents conform to all international standards, yet go unrecognized by EU member states.

The president also showed Dimitrov the neutral travel documents issued by the Georgian government, asserting that “We will never use these passports".

He also reminded the Ambassador that after the 1992-3 war, the Abkhazian government offered to introduce UN neutral passports for Abkhazian residents. “Georgia was against this, but today Russia has already lent a helping hand to Abkhazia, and so we do not need any other documents,” noted Ankvab.

He also told the Ambassador that Georgia refuses to sign a non-use of force agreement and continues to increase its armaments.

Ankvab also claims that the number of states which recognize Abkhazian independence will increase. “We do not have any problems of communication. We will develop with the support of Russia and other states".

As Apsnypress reports, Dimitrov thanked the Abkhaz leader for a candid talk.

The Messenger was unable to reach Ambassador Dimitrov for comment, as he has not yet returned from Sokhumi.