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How do you cope with winter weather?

Friday, February 10
“I try to stay indoors. It is very cold outside and besides, I don't want to slip on the icy snow and fall down. I wait for next week. They say the cold snap will be gone and I will go on with my everyday life then.”
Sopho, Journalist, 23

"I do not like cold whether and especially winter in Tbilisi. In general, I also dislike summer here, as well.”
Levan, Student, 20

"Well, it creates a bit of discomfort for me, [but] nothing special.”
Tamuna, Language specialist, 23

“When I have a day off I usually drink vodka with my friends. It helps me tolerate such grey and miserable weather.”
David, Artist, 29

“I dislike the dirty snow in Tbilisi. I usually stay indoors, if there is no necessity to go out.
Nino, housewife, 45

“I cope with it with warm clothes.”
Nino, Accountant, 24

“Actually, I don’t remember such cold in Tbilisi before, but what can I do except from putting on as warm as possible [clothes], and drinking as much tea as I can both at home and at lectures?”
Teona, Student, 18

“I love winter – I really appreciate this time of the year and I spend all my weekends in the mountains skiing with my friends. I wish it were winter all the year round!”
Tengo, Basketball player, 15