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Monday, February 13
Nine families left homeless after explosion in Kvareli

A liquid petroleum gas container exploded near the center of Kvareli, Kakheti Region, in Eastern Georgia on Saturday.

The explosion was followed by a fire. Several people were injured, among them an older woman and a child. Both were transported to a burn injury centre in Tbilisi.

A total of nine families were left homeless due to the explosion. Local authorities have promised to provide them with temporary accommodations.

Two years since death of Georgian luger

Two years have passed since the death of Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili. Family members and friends gathered at the grave of the sportsman Sunday.

Nodar Kumaritashvili died during the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada in 2010.

Kumaritashvili was buried in a churchyard in Bakuriani. The local city council re-named the street where he lived in his honour.

Armenian producers shoot a documentary on Georgia

A short film on Georgia's reforms since the 2003 Rose Revolution is currently being completed in Armenia. Theory of Incredibility - Economic and Anti-Corruption Reforms in Georgia will run for approximately 47 minutes, and is divided into two parts. In the first section, the film traces the pre-Revolution period, and the street protests that brought about regime change.

The second part describes the post-revolutionary period of Georgia. The filmmakers describe the new government's methods of fighting corruption and organized crime, reforming law enforcement, and re-organizing government structures all of which have made Georgia famous in the development sector.
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Solomon Islands refuse to recognize Abkhazia, S. Ossetia

Foreign Minister of the Solomon Islands, Peter Shanel, says his country will not recognize Georgia's breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia as independent states, and instead considers them Georgian territory. His comments come after a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, in Fiji last week, which aimed to solidify diplomatic relations.

Shanel said that although the topics of South Ossetia and Abhkazia have been raised by Russia in the past, they were not part of his most recent discussion with Lavrov.
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Consul meets Georgian businessman detained in Syria

A Georgian consul in Syria has been allowed to speak with the Georgian national who was recently detained for unspecified business activities. The man, whose identity is secret, told the consul that his detention was a misunderstanding. The Georgian embassy has asked Syrian law enforcement to provide detailed information about the charges faced by the detainee.
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President opens new medical center

Another new medical center has been opened by President Mikheil Saakashvili, this time in Tetri Tskaro. The 15-bed hospital was constructed by Irao Insurance Company, and is outfitted with modern medical technology.

On Thursday, Saakashvili met with the clinic's staff, all of whom undertook a special course of re-training before the opening.

The President stressed the significance of constructing new medical centers around the country, as important not only for the health of Georgians, but for providing employment to local residents

During his visit to the hospital, Saakashvili also honoured 83-year-old surgeon Guram Tatishvili with a Presidential Order of Brilliance. In addition, he brought gifts for the three newborn babies at the centre.

Thirty new medical centres have been constructed in the country since late last year. According to the government's 10-point plan, modern, multi-use hospitals will be opened in all regions of Georgia.
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