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Do you think mosques should be constructed on Georgia in exchange for the restoration of two Georgian churches on Turkish territory?

Monday, February 13
“Well, I am not well aware of what is going on, on an official level, and what options we have, however I think the most important [thing] is to help our heritage and restore our unique churches. If the Turkish side demands construction of a mosque I see no problem with it. We should make a compromise if it is necessary.”
Levan, student, 19

“I agree with the Patriarchate, who said that the outcome of this problem is to address UNESCO. I do not really welcome the idea of constructing mosques on Georgian territory.”
Tamar, teacher, 41

“As far as I know, Adjarian people are very astonished [about] this fact. They do not know [about] the construction of a mosque in Batumi. The government should take into account peoples’ position and it must do their best to restore Oshki and Ishkhani [monestaries] on Turkish territory. It is our history and Georgians are not [at fault] that [their churches] appeared in other country’s territory all of a sudden.”
Sergo, distributor, 38

“I do not mind if several mosques will be constructed in Georgian regions settled with a Muslim population. I think it is quite normal to have mosques as there are Muslims among ethnic Georgians too”.
David, historian, 43

“Maybe it is a good deal to restore our churches. I think it is acceptable to have several more mosques. As for me, I do not see anything negative in it."
Lali, accountant, 29

"I do not know.”
Natia, Student, 20

“I think that Georgia and Turkey are not in equal position; as lots of mosques function in Georgia without problems, problems regarding restoring two Georgian churches on Turkish territory should not be a problem … However, concretely regarding the question, I think that the survival of Georgian churches in Turkey is currently more important.”
Nino, Journalist, 25