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Where do you go shopping? Are you satisfied with the quality and price of clothes offered in Georgia?

Tuesday, February 14
“Most of all, I prefer online shopping from non-Georgian websites, because quality is a priority for me, not low prices.”
Revaz, Bank Employee, 21

“Well, I mainly buy clothes on Bazroba, sometimes in shops. But I can say that prices are too high in Georgia and there is no real conception of sale. I have no pretension on quality, I do not know whether I am lucky or it is really quality.”
Anna, Journalist, 35

“It depends on how profitable a month I have. Sometimes I buy clothes on Bazroba, sometimes in shops. I think that the price and quality are suitable.”
Tamuna, Language Specialist, 23

“I can say that the quality of the clothes in Georgia is awful. There are some brand shops in the capital, Tbilisi, but still they have lower quality than the same goods abroad, so it’s just unfair.”
Salome, Writer, 27

“Actually I order things from online shops and thus I’m quite satisfied with their quality but there are some shops even in Tbilisi like Next, Miss Poem and Mango which I also like.”
Mariam, Reporter, 21

“I usually go to Isani, or there is also a trading mall near Dynamo, and I’m quite satisfied with the prices there. The quality depends on how much you want to pay.”
Albert, Sociologist, 29

“I shop in a few shops, because the quality is really bad and prices high, [and] there are the same clothes in all the shops. So, prefer to shop online.”
Christina, Journalist, 20

“No, I really don’t like the quality of clothes at Georgian shops, [and] the prices are too high. So I prefer to use online shopping.”
Ninia, Economist, 31