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Wednesday, February 15
Cold weather good for taxi drivers

Rezonansi reports that the demand for taxis has risen significantly due to recent cold and snowy weather in Georgia.

However, taxi drivers are generally pessimistic about their industry, saying that due to a lack of disposable income, Georgians do not often choose to travel by taxi. Drivers are also unhappy with high fuel prices, which cut into their profits. Despite these problems, most drivers say they will not increase the price of their service.

There has also been a significant increase in the number of taxis in Tbilisi, with some drivers saying there are more taxis than clients.

Resource Officers holding charitable events

Resource Officers visited a nursing home Katarzisi, spending a day with the elderly residents and presenting them with gifts, 24 Hours reports.

According to the Officers, their participation in charity is very important, as it helps them inform the public about their duties and responsibilities. The plan to conduct similar charitable events in the future to help Georgians in need, and to promote their role in the community.

Resource Officers are employed by the government to ensure the safety of children, teachers and other staff at public schools.