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Do you think the Georgian government cares about homeless people?

Wednesday, February 15
“I think that Georgian authorities do not think about and care for homeless people in the country.”
Irakli, Editor- in-chief, 27

“Well, I think that no government thinks about homeless people, foreign or ours.”
Shota, Student, 20

“Well, I have heard how Tbilisi City Hall has helped a number of people who had injuries due to frost and other health problems. I think our government does its best to ensure their life. Of course, there is a big problem still unsolved for homeless people in Georgia.”
Sofia, Student, 21

“In reality no, just for PR stunt some invented stories are broadcasted.”
Avtandil, Economist, 27

“They help, but only in Tbilisi. Is it fair? Not only Tbilisi residents are homeless and poor. What should they do in the regions, those who do not have shelter in such weather? They just don’t care. Other regions' governors or town mayors should imitate our mayor, Ugulava, who stated that the Tbilisi mayor’s office will cover all costs for ill people.”
Neli, pensioner, 67

“No, they don't, there is not any place where they can stay in cold weather, that's why those two homeless people died [recently]... and who knows how many of them are dead but couldn't be found! There are shelters for only old people and you have to pay for it.”
Iako, Journalist, 22

“I can’t say they care for homeless people. As it has become cold in the country they just opened their eyes to show people how much they care for others. Let them have opened a shelter for such people before – such one-time activities don’t create weather in the country.”
Lali, Producer, 48