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Petition launched to protest election law changes

By Messenger Staff
Friday, February 17
Yesterday, a meeting was held to gather signatures for a petition protesting the recent changes to election finance law, as well as introduce a package of legislation proposals made by NGOs and media outlets.

At Tbilisi's Courtyard Mariott hotel, local NGO and media organizations launched the campaign “It Concerns You”, which draws attention to problems in the current election legislation, and demands change.

The petition was signed by NGOs, representatives of media outlets, experts, and everyday citizens, none of whom represent partisan political interests. Overall, approximately 170 signatures were collected, with more expected to come.

In the near future, a page will be launched on the social network facebook, so that users can find out more information about the activities of signatories and the "It Concerns You" movement.

The petition reads:

"Representatives of Georgian NGOs and media outlets recognize the importance of conducting free and fair elections, and therefore consider those legislative amendments to the political union and election laws, adopted in December 2011, categorically unacceptable, as they:
• Restrict civil activities, property rights, freedom of expression, and political activities, and hinder the democratic development of the country;
• Put heavy and unjustified responsibilities on the voters;
• Grant unlimited and non-constitutional rights to the body that audits political and civil organizations – The Chamber of Control of Georgia;
• Pose a serious threat not only to each citizen, but also to civil society, including media;
• Deteriorate the electoral environment in the country."