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Would you like the parliamentary elections to be held in May, 2012?

Friday, February 17
“The elections should be held in autumn. Ivanishvili should create his party and participate in elections. If they are held in May, I do not think he will have time to finish his political party".
Rezo, Dentist, 34

“The date is not so crucial. I do not mind if elections are held in May. What’s wrong with it? The entire opposition is consolidated already, so there is not a great need to conduct [the elections] in autumn".
Khatuna, designer, 40

“I do not support the idea, as if elections are held in May, the United National Movement will come to power with a complete majority".
Irakli, Editor-in-chief, 27

“I am against moving the date, and such frequent changes to the Constitution. If such a norm was adequate, it should be disused while working on constitutional changes. Such initiative now looks too artificial for me currently".
Nino, Journalist, 25

“I do not agree with holding the elections in May. Political parties should have more time to prepare for the elections".
Levan, Student, 20

“It doesn’t matter much for me because I have made a choice and the sooner I will vote the better for me and the country".
Anna, Manager, 24

“I think the opposition would [struggle] if the elections were held in spring, but it wouldn’t make [a difference] to the ruling power. That’s why I think they need time to prepare for the decisive moment and wait for the elections in fall, 2012.”
Sandro, Blogger, 27